Genjuu Boukun

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Genjuu Boukun

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:28 am

Name: Genjuu "Gen" Boukun
Age: 20-21
Gender: Male
Village: Hidden Cloud Village
Ninja Rank: S-Class Missing-Nin (Tempiumou Member)
Weapon(s): Unknown
Bio: Unknown

Invisible Stealth Jutsu
The user turns almost invisible where he can only be heard, sensed, or hit. The user can still be hit if the enemy is able to see them or hit them with an attack that goes everywhere. The user simply is not able to be seen. If the user lowers his use of chakra, he cannot be sensed at all unless he/she faces a skillful tracker or one that has a high sense of smell.


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