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Removed/Edited/Standby Character(s)

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Name: Kenshin
Clan: Ranmaru (members of the clan often referred to by this rather then their normal name) [an excuse to use an unnamed kekkei genkai ^^']
Unique Ability: Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai which allows him to see through objects, perform genjutsu even a hyuuga cannot see through, sense others chakra to know their condition and how many there are (capable of sensing life force and transferring parts of his own) & allowing him to see movements and predict actions similar to that of the uchiha clan's sharingan kekkei genkai.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Village: Kirigakure
Ninja Rank: Hunter Nin
Skill(s): Genjutsu mastery, low level ninjutsu and taijutsu, mastery over his kekkei genkai, Tactical skills much beyond most people of his age..
Element(s): Water

Similar to.. remove earrings... and mouth is more of a normal shade..

Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
Ephemeral (instead of crows, small birds seemingly made from water bombard the opponent in the genjutsu)
Genjutsu Binding
Illusionary Technique: Outnumbered Army
Rank: A/S
Type: Genjutsu
Description: A Genjutsu used by Kenshin which tricks his opponent's into seeing a large ninja army ahead of them who kill any that are with them within the illusion and fight against the person within the illusion while their real body is unmoving..

Mental Barricades
Mist Servant Technique
Time Reversal Technique
Water Clone Technique

Mysterium Tremendum, Ryuzan K. Yata:

Name: Ryuzan K. Yata
Clan: ????
Unique Ability:
- Dark Release Mastery: Ryuzan has achieve mastery of the vague ability of Dark Release. He is not only able to make use of the first two abilities of Dark Release, which is to absorb chakra through the larger overlapping diamond and use the Dark Release: Judgment with the smaller diamond, but has advanced it to make use of a third and fourth diamond that appears on both sides of the other two though are the same size as the smaller diamond. The new diamonds allow the use of Dark Release: Black Hole and Dark Release: Oblivion. The Dark Release Symbol also appears on both of his hands.
- Immortality Jutsu: Sometime over the course of his life, Ryuzan began experimenting on , not unlike Orochimaru, Ryuzan developed a jutsu to sustain his own life. The jutsu he developed sucks the raw life energy from a person and transfers it to Ryuzan. The life energy dissipitates quicker than usual because it is not his own life energy, so he must perform the jutsu at regular intervals. For every year that passes, he spends energy equivalent to 3 years. If a person has 30 years of life energy left, Ryuzan will receive another 10 years. There are also other requirements that are known only by him.
Age: 20 [Appears to be, though is much older]
Gender: Male
Village: Forgotten
Ninja Rank: Rogue Ninja
- Large Chakra Supply
- Kekkei Genkai
- Tactical Genius & Ninjutsu Specialist
- Above-Proficient Taijutsu
Element(s): Wind and Lightning

- As expected of someone who sacrifices people to maintain his mortality, Ryuzan has few to no moral constraints. He does not hesitate to kill meaninglessly and kidnap to whatever serves his desired ends, whether they be for Akatsuki or himself. He is extremely power-seeking, usually searching for mythical ninja objects to increase his already substantial power. He is a tactical genius with excellent abilities of deception great enough to keep all but the most supremely gifted ninja off his trail with expert proficiency and manipulate others enough to allow him to perform the amount of experiments that he did. He is not often caught without his serious face and demeanor when out of battle, but it can easily erupt into what can only be described as "Extreme Madness" when engaged in battle where he enjoys himself the most.
- Not much is known about Ryuzan's background or history. What village he came from is a complete mystery, though a few other details have been ascertained. As a child, He wasn't extraordinarily exemplary and he always remained withdrawn. Academic wise, he was definitely top-class but always discretely behind a few others, coming in 2nd or sometimes placing 4th or 5th in the class if his grades dropped suddenly in the span of a few days. No clan is remembered for him and even the reason for his wickedness is completely unknown to the many, save Ryuzan himself. Some reports claim to have seen a young boy resembling him about 50 years ago, but such reports are regarded as rubbish and thrown in the trash before they're taken seriously.
Life Energy Reincarnation Jutsu
- Ranking: S+
- Type: Kinjutsu
- Description: Ryuzan draws the special seal for the jutsu on the ground. It takes a huge amount of space, requiring at least a cathedral-sized area for it to fit. Pillars are placed in 5 special areas of the seal each with another few symbols drawn on them. Chains are attached to the top of each pillar and wrap around a person held in place by the chains with the sacrificial emblem burned on their forehead, marking their life energy to be drained. Ryuzan stands in the center of the symbol, beneath where the sacrificed person is held in place. The jutsu is extremely strenuous on Ryuzan and the smallest interruption can ruin the entire thing. This jutsu works even if the receiver is dead, though there is a limit for how long until they are unrevivable and it can also be used continuously. Another side effect of using the jutsu is that he doesn't age, rather when his body runs low on life energy, he begins to feel weaker and weaker. There are also some other requirements in order for the victim's life energy to be transferred, it is surmised that the victim must have a certain similarity with the user, though what is unknown.

Dark Release: Black Hole
- Ranking: A
- Type: Ninjutsu
- Description: Ryuzan bends down and releases black-colored chakra from his hand that soon spreads to form a sphere around him in a large area around him. The Dark Release Chakra engulfs Ryuzan and anyone within the large sphere of heavy dark atmosphere that is hard to move in. The Sphere than ignites in an inferno of blue judgement flames.

Dark Release
- Ranking: A
- Type: Genjutsu
- Description: A Genjutsu where the user traps the user's mind in what is called "The Dark Realm". The setup for the jutsu is the Dark Release Mark on the user's hands, which the user must touch and imbue the mark somewhere on the person's body. Once activated, the victim's mind is trapped in a dark world where they will be hunted in their imagination by samurai that will seem to be immune to all Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.


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