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Name: Ninshū Order
Status: Unknown
Detail: An organization entirely devoted in eradicating Shinobi rule from the world -- Or rather, the end of the Shinobi Era.

Name: Boshoku/Hakumei
Status: Neutral
Detail: A group of powerful Jinchuuriki's, children whom were raised as orphans, dedicated in serving their master. Currently, there are only 10 members. Their leader, , was a former agent of the Ninshū Order.

Name: The Alliance/Allied Shinobi Forces/Shinobi Alliance
Status: Good
Detail: The Five Great Shinobi Countries have been allied together for years since the beginning of the Fourth Shinobi World War. The Land of Irons' Samurai later joined this unification. Its purpose; Maintain peace throughout the Shinobi World.

Name: Shinobi Remnants/The Remnants/Remnants
Status: Evil
Detail: These members are whats left of the Shinobi Alliance who refused to join the Alliance, a combination and the unification between the Shinobi Alliance and Land of Irons' Samurai after the Hyuga Clan Incident and the Bijuu Disappearances occurred. Yamada Ryoku, or rather Zetsumei, led the rebelling forces of the Shinobi Remnants and took absolute complete control of leadership by systematically killing everyone, sparing only a select few he deemed worthy. However, the Shinobi Alliance are completely unaware as to what transpired between them.

Detail: An S-Class Missing-Nin group.


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