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Character Ryu Kazi

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Name: Ryu Kazi
Clan Description: The Kazi clan is a small clan that originated in Amegakure, but due to its close borders with three of the five great shinobi nations, they eventually migrated to Iwa, Suna, and Konoha. Due to these migrations and continual homecomings, the future generations of Kazi were able to fuse the three elements to create two new elements, Lunar and Solar release. A Kazi is born with either one of these releases based on their chakra levels as an infant. Low chakra levels, common in Kazi infants, leads to Solar Release, while higher levels, which are very rare, lead to Lunar release.
Unique Ability: Solar Release. Ryu is able to utilize the element of the sun.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Village: Formerly Leaf/Konohagakure
Faction: Shinobi Remnants
Ninja Rank: S-Class Missing-Nin
Skill(s): Ninjutsu, Kekkai Genkai, Dodge, Chakra Control
Element(s): Solar Release, Fire Release.
Personality: Ryu is a determined person, fights for what he wants and doesn't stop until he gets it. He is fond of conversation, as he believs it brings out the truth in someone when they would otherwise be hiding behind a mask. He does not trust anyone until he really gets to know them. He is very calculating, thinking of every possibility before taking any action. He is belligerent, he loves fighting like it's a professional sport and likes a good challenge. He is very polite, but otherwise very vengeful and unforgiving. You won't see Ryu with a smile on his face unless he is in battle or otherwise generally happy for some reason, though he is usually unhappy.
History/Background: Ryu was born to parents who were both a part of the shinobi remnants. They were original remnants who defected from the Shinobi Alliance the moment they combined with the Ninshu Order. They had both defected because of their parents and their suspicions of the Order. Only a few days after Ryu was born, his father died in a battle against members of the Shinobi Alliance, and in his honor, Yamada Ryoku allowed both Ryu and his mother to live when he took over the Shinobi Remnants. But he killed Ryu's mother shortly after rumors went about that she planned on betraying him. An orphan, Ryu grew up in the care of the remnants, and thus became a powerful shinobi. He vows to himself to one day avenge both his mother and his father, by destroying the Ninshu Order first, and then killing Yamada later. He never lets on about these secret thoughts though, for that would ruin his plans.

Solar Release: Solar Flare [LV 1]
Detail: User shoots out blinding, pale, yellow flame from his palm. This fire is hot enough to immediatly evaporate water.
Effect: 50 DMG, 10% chance of dodging opponents next attack.
Cost: -40 Chakra, -20 Fatigue

Solar Release: Sun Disks [LV 1]
Detail: Forms two large, spiked disks in his hands made purely of pale fire. Can pierce through the strongest of metal.
Effect: Does 45 DMG to the target.
Cost: -35 Chakra. -15 Fatigue

[Ultimate Technique] Solar Release: Taiyokyu [LV 5]
Detail: User creates a small star (Rasengan-sized) in the palm of his hand. The ultimate Kazi solar technique.
Effect: Does 200 DMG to the target.
Cost: -150 Chakra. -100 Fatigue.

Solar Release: Shining Light [LV 1]
Detail: User blinds the opponent with excessive light.
Effect: Target cannot Attack for 1 post.
Cost: -30 Chakra.

Solar Release: Scorching Vortex [LV 1]
Detail: User craetes and shoots a large spiraling vortex of blood-red and black fire.
Effect: Does 45 DMG to the target.
Cost: -45 Chakra. -10 Fatigue

Solar Release: Temple of the Sun [LV 1]
Detail: Regardless of day or night, the user draws power from the sun. A light beam engulfs the user giving him a new look. His hair becomes spiky and yellow-orange, his eyes a bright red, and he is surrounded by a orange aura. He emantes heat in this stage, and powers up greatly.
Effect: Chakra use reduced by 20%, DMG of all jutsu increased by 10%, Opponents Ninjutsu DMG reduced by 10% (All last 3 turns).
Cost: -15 Chakra per turn, -20 Fatigue per turn (Both 3 turns)

Solar Release: Solar Eruption [LV 1]
Detail: [Can only be used while Temple of the Sun is active] The user smashes his fist to the ground, creating a large crack that goes until the opponent. Once it reaches the opponent, pale, yellow lava erupts forward from the crack.
Effect: Does 50 DMG to the target.
Cost: -20 Fatigue, -35 Chakra.

Solar Release: Yin Yang Effect [LV 1]
Detail: [Can only be used at night] The user chants a string of words, resulting in a burst of power, that although weak, gives the user a useful new power.
Effect: Allows user to utilize the Lunar Release. Does 10 DMG to the target.
Cost: -20 Chakra, -25 Fatigue

Lunar Release: Crescent Pulse [LV 1]
Detail: [Can only be used after Yin Yang Effect] The user shoots crescent shaped, black chakra at his opponents.
Effect: Does 25 DMG to all targets.
Cost: -30 Chakra, -10 Fatigue.

Lunar Release: Crater Creator [LV 1]
Detail: The user forms meteorites in the air out of dark chakra, and throws them at his opponent.
Effect: 25 DMG per turn, (2 turns)
Cost: -30 Chakra, - 20 Fatigue.


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