Character Kazuki Fukusawa

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Character Kazuki Fukusawa

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Difficulty: Chunin (Normal)
Name: Kazuki Fukusawa
Clan Desription: Former member of the Kireidosu Clan
Unique Ability: Shikra: Gives the User an Affinity for Illusions/Genjutsu, and allows talented users of it to use some genjutsu without Handseals. Also increases their ability to use clones. (Genjutsu cost 40% less Chakra and 20% less Fatigue. Clones cost 20% less Chakra and 10% less Fatigue.) The power of the Shikra can surpass that of other dojutsu, being able to perform even weak Genjutsu without being detected. (50% chance of Fooling Byakugan/Sharingan, and using Illusions and Clones undetected.) The Shikra is also difficult to fool when it comes to illusions, being able to detect most illusion upfront(60% Chance to negate all enemy genjutsu)
The Shikra also has the unyeilding ability to insight fear into all who look at it, giving it a chance to paralyze them with fear. (50% chance for opponent to be unable to attack, block or dodge for 1 turn. Once per battle use.)
Cost: -15 Chakra x No. of Turns. (Passive effects of the Shikra also include Large Migraines and insomnia, so 5% random chance of user being unable to Attack for 1 turn.)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Village: Konohagakure/Leaf
Faction: None
Ninja Rank: Jounin
Skill(s): Genjutsu, Element, Ninjutsu, Summoning Jutsu & Kekkei Genkai
Element(s): Fire Release

Personality: Kazuki is a strange boy, with a personality that splits almost to that of a Schizophrenic. Originally, he was a cold, rather ruthless boy with a heart for killing and emotional span consisting of calculating bloodlust and a dense, slow to rouse but vicious anger. He was a determined stead fast boy with a quick mind and a quicker blade. He was incredibly intelligent, both tactically and with his wit, and could think around any situation. He was original and skilled, in Killing techniques, or ninja techniques, or even just talking, and he could escape almost any situation with merely the blade of his tongue.
He still has all this attributes, and while on a serious mission, he is not the most reassuring character, with even his chakra giving off the feeling that it would stab you in the back without hesitation were you to go against him, but he has revealed a softer side since joining his Ninja team. Out side of serious missions, he has shown himself to be a relaxed and calm individual who loves to read and solve riddles, or merely play a bit of music. He likes to sit atop the Hokage monument occasionally and watch the clouds, though he dislikes that he rarely has enough time. His residual anger has almost completely disappeared, for his vengeance against his clan is complete, but he still has a ferocious temper when tested.
History/Background: Kazuki has a similar Background to that of Neji Hyuuga. He was also born into the side branch of a large, prestigious clan within Konoha, and he was also treated as if he was the dirt on the floor when compared to the members of the main branch. He was also a highly talented Ninja, with one of the strongest of the clan’s Kekkei Genkai in 100 years, and was neglected in favour of the main branch members, whom he bore a large resentment towards. The difference between Neji and Kazuki though, was that Kazuki was treated as a mere slave, bullied and treated like dirt by his Main branch cousin, Zanuka Kireidosu. Zanuka was a large teenager, about 2 years Kazuki’s elder, and was still a Genin at age 15. However, he was the eldest son of the main branch, and was as such treated with reverence, and allowed him to believe he was incredibly strong. This was what angered Kazuki, and he vowed to defeat Zanuka, and take him down a few pegs.

Now, the events of Kazuki’s Chuunin exam were....interesting. A lot of thing’s happened during it, but by the end of it, Kazuki had achieved Chuunin rank. And this was when he got his revenge. He approached Zanuka and challenged him, revealing that while Zanuka had failed the Chuunin exam again, Kazuki had passed. Zanuka was still quite confident, so accepted the challenge. He left with a broken mind, and crippled legs, and was told he would never become a ninja. Although his mind healed, he has never healed his legs, and so was removed from the pride and joy of the Clan. But, rather than stay and be ruined like Zanuka, Kazuki abandoned the clan, finding a place of his own and being with his teammates. He followed the Hokage and his Sensei as his Idols, with no-one else to lead him, and looked towards his future as a free man.
However, after attaining Jounin rank, a full two years before his team mate, Kibuto Karamine, the Village came under attack from the unrelenting forces of the Ninnai. Like most other jounin and Chuunin rank Ninja, he fought valiantly to allow the genin to take the villagers to safety, but like most others, he couldn’t fight forever. Just as he was about to give up, and as the village was about to be over run, the Hokage released his power. The power of Hokage Hashirama was incredible to look upon; he sealed the entire Ninnai army within minutes. No-one can remember fully what type of technique he used – Kazuki himself personally believes it was an ancient Uzumaki Technique – but the village has been in awe of Hashirama’s power since then, though it took up most of the Hokage’s chakra at that point and had left the village vulnerable for a few days.

Since then Kazuki has been training incredibly alongside his teammates, watching Kibuto catch up to him an become his equal as a jounin, and waited for the chance to stop whatever was causing the Ninnai, waiting for the call to fight. He has also recently become a lot more cold and dark, becoming more separate from his squad and violent. He can feel something coming on, and has lately been remembering his previous sensei, the Jounin Amagai, a traitor from Konoha, and has vowed again to kill him.

Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique [LV 2]
Type: Ninjutsu, Element
Detail: This technique creates small fireballs, which are spat out of the user's mouth, flying wildly in every direction and assaulting the enemy. In addition, the flames are controlled one by one with chakra, so avoiding them all is extremely, difficult.
Effect: Does 40 DMG to a target.
Cost: -35 Chakra. -20 Fatigue.

Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique [LV 2]
Type: Genjutsu
Detail: This is a genjutsu that reveals the fears that dwell inside people's hearts. Everyone has an image of the one thing they wouldn't want to ever see. This genjutsu is a technique that draws forth such an image from within the heart and has one mistake it for reality.
Efffect: Target is unable to Attack, Block or Dodge effectively for 2 posts by 35%.
Cost: -40 Chakra. -15 Fatigue.

Shadow Clone Technique [LV 2]
Type: Ninjutsu
Detail: Similar to the Clone Technique, this jutsu creates clones of the user. But unlike the Clone Technique, these clones are actual copies, not illusions. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing jutsu on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after one or two solid blows.
Effect: Decrease 50% less DMG taken from all attacks by 35%.
Cost: -60 Chakra. -15 Fatigue.

Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique [LV 2]
Type: Genjutsu
Detail: This jutsu changes the appearance of a nearby object or area in order to disorient the opponent.
Efffect: Opponent has a 40% chance of missing his/her target when attacking for 2 posts.
Cost: -35 Chakra. -20 Fatigue.

Demonic Illusion: Raven Streak Technique [LV 3]
Type: Genjutsu, Weaponry
Detail: Produces an Illusion that surrounds the foe with multiple Ravens, each flying past the Foe at incredible speeds, when in reality, it is a multitude of shuriken. This harms a bit, but it's main objective is to Maim the opponent.
Effect: Does 50 DMG within 20 feet radius. Has a 50% chance of paralyzing the target(s) for 1 turn, and has 25% chance of paralyzing the target(s) for 2 turns.
Cost: -50 Chakra. -30 Fatigue.

Blazing Fire Blade Technique [LV 4]
Type: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Element
Description: A Variation(And much more powerful Version) of the Kirigakure village's Spinning Ice blade technique invented by Konoha's previous Hokage, intended to counter the Ice blade technique. It was tought to the Drecel clan by the Hokage just before his death, and has been handed down to the three most talented children of each generation of the Drecel clan, aswell as every child in the main branch. However, many weilders of it have taught children not designated as the most talented. It engulfs the users hand in a blaze of flames. The user feels none of the heat of the flames, but may occasionally get burned. This technique also enhances the users speed. Like the Ice Blade technique, it is one of the most dangerous Fire Element techniques at the moment, and has many variations.
Effect: Does 50 DMG to targets(s) for 2-5 turns. Has a 40% chance of burning the opponent and/or the users, dealing 15 DMG a post until the fire goes out (Basically, when you decide). The user also cannot use Jutsu that require the use of two hands.
Cost: -40 Chakra X the number of turns. -40 Fatigue X the number of turns. -50 Health.

Fire Release: Fire Blade inferno [LV 2]
Type: Ninjutsu, Element
Description: This technique can only be used when Blazing fire Blade is active. The user Sacrifices the Blazing Fire Blade technique to cause an explosion, distracting the opponent and causing damage. When this is used all effects caused by the Blazing fire blade, on both the opponent and the user, are negated.
Effect: Does 40 DMG to a target. Negates all effects of Blazing Fire blade. Has a 30% Chance of causing burn.
Cost: -30 Chakra. -30 Fatigue.

Concentrated Fire Blade [LV 2]
Type: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Element
Description: A stronger, more volatile version of the Blazing fire blade. It can only be used while fire blade is Active. It concentrates the users’ chakra into a physical form, creating a Katana out of the Chakra. This Blade can manipulate fire and is surrounded by it, and increases the Users speed and strength to nearly godly amounts. However, it lasts longer and takes much more of a toll on the user, as well as it fails to burn the opponent. Usually only used as a last resort.
Effect: Does 60 DMG each turn for 2 posts.
Cost: -45 Chakra each turn. -40 Fatigue each turn. -35 Health.

Fire [Ultimate Technique] Blade Release: Infernal Doomsday Devastation. [LV 5]
Type: Ninjutsu, Element
Detail: A desperate variation of the Fire Blade technique that was unlocked in battle. It is caused by an overload of chakra on the fire blade, with causes it to grow out of proportion. It keeps devouring the users’ chakra and then explodes into a focussed, spiralling inferno, causing a large amount of damage to the surrounding environment. However, due to being caught in the middle of it, the user receives a large amount of damage.
Effect: 200 DMG to all targets.
Cost: -150 Health, -200 Chakra, -100 Fatigue.

Demonic Illusion: False Battle Technique [LV 2]
Type: Genjutsu, Taijutsu
Description: Creates the illusion of a battle with the opponent, distracting them for either an Easy kill or a quick get away. The battle usually involves Kazuki using his Fire Blade technique, as they have all but the last hand seal the same. This is one of Kazuki's most powerful Genjutsu, and a unique one he developed himself.
Effect: Does 30 DMG to a target. The opponent cannot Dodge or Block effectively for 2 posts.
Cost: -40 Chakra. -10 Fatigue.

Ninja Art: Summoning Technique (LV 1)
Type: Summoning
Detail: Kazuki's Summoning Technique allows him to summon a variety of Ninja Cats in a similar manner to Ninken, Ninja Dogs. There are many different Types of Ninja Cat, including Tracker/Scouts, assassins, archers and samurai Cats. All jutsu known by Ninja cat is leveled according to the Cat's Summoning Level. All Ninja Cats are Wind Element.
Effect: Summons an ally, Scout Cat and/or basic Ninja Cat, to aid the user for 2 turns only. Can attack opponent(s) and/or defend itself or the user.


[Health] 495/495 (75+)

[Chakra] 475/475 (75+)

[Fatigue] 350/350
General Info:

[Level] 5

[EXP] 1200/1500 EXP until next LV.

[Ryo] 5,000

[Skill Points] 0

[Action Points] 0/15


{ 2x | Sell for 250 Ryo | Common }
Description: A black dagger designed for thrusting, throwing and stabbing.
Effect: Automatically does 10 DMG when used.

{ 5x | Sell for 250 Ryo | Common }
Description: Sharpened, four-pronged metal stars, used for throwing.
Effect: Automatically does 10 DMG when used.

Green Pill
{ 2x | Sell for 250 Ryo | Common }
Description: A standard restoration pill.
Effect: Restores +25 HP, +15 Fatigue, +15 Chakra.

Smoke Bomb
{ 2x | Sell for 900 Ryo | Rare }
Description: Creates a large cloud of smoke wherever it lands.
Effect: Decreases 25% less DMG taken from all attacks for 2 turns only.

Armor Charm
{ 1x | Sell for 12,500 Ryo | Ancient Relic }
Description: An amulet that raises Block and Dodge Skills. Just carrying this hardens your skin like rock.
Effect: +10 boost to Block Skill and +5 boost to Dodge Skill.
Equipped Gear:

Standard Gloves (Hands)
{ Sell for 1,250 Ryo | Standard Set | Common }
Details: A simple, lightweight and flexible gloves. When worn along with the rest of the Standard set, stats increase by double.
Effect: While equipped, increases Chakra by +75. +150, if worn with all Standard Sets.

Standard Jounin Vest (Torso)
{ Sell - 1,250 Ryo | Standard Set | Common }
Details: A simple, yet sturdy Vest. When worn along with the rest of the Standard set, stats increase by double.
Effect: While equipped, increases Health by +75. +150, if worn with all Standard Sets.


Will of Fire
Requirements: Born/Reside in the Leaf Village
With the Will of Fire Perk, you gain an additional 10+ points to the Element Skill.

Requirements: Jounin
With the Sensei Perk, you gain an additional 20 Health/HP each time you LV up and a 5+ bonus to your Chakra Control Skill.

Chakra Whiz
Requirements: LV 2
With the Chakra Whiz Perk, you gain an additional 50+ Chakra/CP.

Genius Prodigy
Requirements: LV 3
With the Genius Prodigy Perk, you gain an additional +10 points to both Ninjutsu and Chakra Control Skills.

Unlimited Rage!
Requirements: LV 5
With the Unlimited Rage! Perk, your Skills are raised by 10+ whenever your Health drops 25% or lower and instantly adds 15% additional DMG to all Skills.

Requirements: LV 4
With the Unbreakable Perk, you gain an additional 15% overall DMG resistance in all Skills.

Ninjutsu: 35 ( +15 Skilled & +10 Genius Prodigy Perk )
Taijutsu: 15
Genjutsu: 20 ( +15 Skilled )
Weaponry: 10
Kekkai Genkai: 35 ( +15 Skilled )
Chakra Control: 30 ( +5 Sensei & +10 Genius Prodigy Perk )
Summoning Jutsu: 25 ( +15 Skilled )
Medical Arts: 5
Block: 15 ( +10 Armor Charm )
Dodge: 15 ( +10 Armor Charm Boost )
Element: 30 ( +15 Skilled & +10 Will of Fire Perk )
Luck: 10
Construct: 0
Active Effects:82c9:


( Standard Gloves )
Increases Chakra by 75+

( Standard Jounin Vest )
Increases Fatigue by 75+


( Sensei Perk )
Additional 20 Health/HP each time you LV-Up
5+ bonus to your Chakra Control Skill

( Will of Fire Perk )
Additional 10+ points to the Element Skill.

( Unbreakable Perk)
Additional 15% DMG resistance in all Skills

( Genius Prodigy )
Additional +10 points to both Ninjutsu and Chakra Control Skills

( Chakra Whiz )
Additional 50+ Chakra/CP


( Ninjutsu ~ Skilled )
Chakra use reduced by 10%

( Taijutsu ~ Average )
Additional 5% Taijutsu DMG bonus
Fatigue use is reduced by 5%

( Genjutsu ~ Average )

( Weaponry ~ Average )
Additional 10% Weaponry DMG bonus

( Kekkai Genkai ~ Skilled )
Additional 15% Kekkai Genkai DMG bonus

( Chakra Control ~ Skilled )
Chakra use is reduced by 10%
Gain additional +25 Chakra

( Summoning Jutsu ~ Skilled )
Ally does 15% DMG

( Block ~ Average )
Taijutsu DMG is reduced by 10%
Weaponry DMG is reduced by 5%

( Dodge ~ Average )
Ninjutsu DMG is reduced by 10%

( Element ~ Skilled )
Additional 15% Element DMG bonus
Element DMG is reduced by 10%

( Luck ~ Average )
5% Chance


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