New NRPG Clans

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New NRPG Clans

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Five Sovereign Clans

Kumori Clan

Watari Kumori, Head of the Kumori Clan, is considered one of few most feared individuals throughout the Five Nations and the clan itself have been residing in the mist village long since its foundation. They are one of the Five Sovereign Clans, and the most feared ones amongst them. Bestowed upon them, by the Order, is the gift of ending; legally sanctioned clan for assassins and have the authority to print legal letters known as "Writs of Blood". If anyone were to approach the Kumori Clan and offer money for an "honorable execution", they are given an opportunity to kill their intended targets once they've obtained a "Writ of Blood" or, assassins are sent to deal with the target instead. These writs are to be presented to any members of the Sentinels, after he or she has slain his or her target, and immediately absolves the assassin for the murder.

Shimura Clan

Kurigoto Shimura, Head of the Shimura Clan, and his brethren have been living in the hidden leaf village since its formation. They are one of the Five Sovereign Clans and sided with the Order when they "claimed" the shinobi world as their own. Bestowed upon them, by the Order, is the gift of knowledge;

Seven Noble Clans

Although they do not have much authority or a voice within the First Council, the Seven Noble Clans are well respected throughout the empire. The clans consist of;

Nara Clan
Hyuga Clan
Inuzuka Clan
Akimichi Clan
Sarutobi Clan
Aburame Clan
Yamanaka Clan


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